Game Mode: 2v2
Session Name: ![AU/NZ] 2v2-80mins-Teams-20xAll-TribeSpectate - (v178.8)
2022.07.07-10.30.26 UTC

Winner Tribe : Tribe of gamespeter
Player NameTribe NameScoreLevel
gamespeter0 - Lvl 61Tribe of gamespeter150061
vitamin - Lvl 65Tribe of gamespeter162065

Player NameTribe NameScoreLevelDied AfterDue ToKilled By
duvidTribe of Joe mama1,50018 5:32a Gigantopithecus - Lvl 26
MarvinStamm von Marvin1,5008 5:32Жанна - Lvl 20 ('Племя игрока Жанна')
Joe mamaTribe of Joe mama1,50016 5:54a Gigantopithecus - Lvl 26
ВасилийПлемя игрока Жанна1,50022 9:24a Meganeura - Lvl 8
BobTribe of Bob1,50014 13:12vitamin - Lvl 54 ('Tribe of gamespeter')
JoeTribe of Joe1,50024 16:05
MOITribe of Joe1,50024 20:58
BobStamm von Marvin1,50029 29:12Жанна - Lvl 34 ('Племя игрока Жанна')
ЖаннаПлемя игрока Жанна1,50061 44:38Carno - Lvl 2 (Carno) ('Tribe of gamespeter')