Game Mode: 2v2
Session Name: ![AU/NZ] 2v2-80mins-Teams-20xAll-TribeSpectate - (v178.8)
2022.06.26-17.37.22 UTC

Winner Tribe : Tribe of Anne
Player NameTribe NameScoreLevel
JustFight - Lvl 43Tribe of Anne162043
Anne - Lvl 26Tribe of Anne150026

Player NameTribe NameScoreLevelDied AfterDue ToKilled By
BobI will win this fig1,50013 7:57a Trike - Lvl 34
ИванTribe of Иван1,50016 12:54a Titanomyrma Soldier - Lvl 31
JoeTribe of Joe1,50024 34:56Spinosaurus - Lvl 17 (Spinosaurus) ('Tribe of Anne')