Game Mode: 2v2
Session Name: ![AU/NZ] 2v2-80mins-Teams-20xAll-TribeSpectate - (v178.8)
2022.03.16-19.17.26 UTC

Winner Tribe : Tribe of milan
Player NameTribe NameScoreLevel
jjttdr - Lvl 58Tribe of milan150058

Player NameTribe NameScoreLevelDied AfterDue ToKilled By
AnneTribe of Anne1,50012 4:44a Dilophosaurus - Lvl 5
TrkerrTribe of TAUK1,50018 7:01TAUK - Lvl 17 ('Tribe of TAUK')
TAUKTribe of TAUK1,48717 7:01
kadirmioTribe of Смэрть1,50021 7:05jjttdr - Lvl 22 ('Tribe of milan')
BobTribe of Anne1,50018 10:43
Wiesio Paletagang duzych fiutow1,5001 11:28
RupaLorenzoRomagang1,46717 11:33
PiruetTribe of Piruet1,56729 11:36
viporexgang duzych fiutow1,5001 11:39
GokuTribe of Piruet1,50034 11:46
milanTribe of milan11,50030 48:05jjttdr - Lvl 58 ('Tribe of milan')
СмэртьTribe of Смэрть1,50057 49:34jjttdr - Lvl 58 ('Tribe of milan')