Game Mode: 2v2
Session Name: ![AU/NZ] 2v2-80mins-Teams-20xAll-TribeSpectate - (v178.8)
2022.01.06-18.20.11 UTC

Winner Tribe : Tribe of Joemomma#T
Player NameTribe NameScoreLevel
Me4Ever - Lvl 13Tribe of Joemomma#T150013
Joemomma#Tacktic - Lvl 9Tribe of Joemomma#T15009

Player NameTribe NameScoreLevelDied AfterDue ToKilled By
241Tribe of 2411,5001 1:49luis - Lvl 1 ('Tribu de luis')
BobTribe of Bob1,5001 3:06
luisTribu de luis1,50012 4:50Joemomma#Tacktic - Lvl 9 ('Tribe of Joemomma#T')